SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Buyer to send an initial e-mail with a description of the desired product, urgency of delivery, quantity, specification, destination country, advise if EXW, FOB, or CIF, requested T&C
We will respond with a preliminary quote/rough cost.  
If buyer is agreeable, we will respond with instructions on how to proceed, including:
  • executing a non-circumvention / non-disclosure agreement (ICC format NCNDA)
  • buyer to provide LOI, POF via Bank letter or MT799
  • buyer to accept terms and conditions of the transaction, and execute an ICC IMFPA for agent/facilitator/brokerage fees/commissions (may or may not be applicable…Swoop will advise)
  • buyer to finalise and execute the SPA
  • buyer to provide banking instruments as agreed in the SPA
  • buyer to release funds upon inspection and delivery to location as agreed
  • buyer is responsible for all customs and duties fees of the destination country, and any taxes and levies payable by the buyer to authorities as required.