Dynamic provides all the essentials in healthcare includes Protective Gloves, Protective Masks, vaccines, Protective gowns and clothing, Test kits, Oxygen Concentrators, etc.
We supply  a wide range of high quality vaccines. We have Pfizer, astrazeneca COVID-19 Vaccine and also Sputnik V which are used for Covid19 Vaccination. We provide certified and original vaccines which are completely safe.
Masks & Test Kits
Dynamic offers a wide range of high quality medical and civilian masks with ample manufacturing capacity. Outer pre-filtration layer to filter coarse particles . Middle filtration-anti-dust and anti-bacterial non-woven fabric. Inner layer-super soft fabric for extra comfort.
Dynamic provides the Test kits for al health care. We provide best quality of health kits. Our health kits are for varoius types of tests which can be used easily by the medical team.


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